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Jenny Trimble, RN and Wellness Coach


If you’re looking to develop a healthier lifestyle, let me help you! I am a wellness coach and registered nurse serving the greater Jacksonville, FL area. For more information or to to begin today, you can reach me at (912) 674-4035 or jenny@wellnesscoachjacksonville.com.


What is Wellness?

  • a state of being in good physical, mental, and emotional health
  • a state of balance maintained by appropriate diet, exercise and other lifestyle modifications

What do I do as a Wellness Coach?

I will partner with you to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. Together, we will assess where you are and discuss where you would like to be. We will also identify what is preventing you from better health and develop a specific  plan of action to overcome them.

I will be there with you to help:

    • Hold you accountable
    • Motivate and Encourage
    • Guide and Support
    • Provide Resources, Methods and Ideas
    • Help celebrate your victories and overcome obstacles

Ultimately, I will help you boost your confidence and empower you to make positive, lasting lifestyle changes.

Depending on your specific needs I will suggest creative ways of incorporating healthier habits like fun fitness ideas, creative snacks, and quick, healthy meals. We will continually review progress as you reach your goals.

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